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New Breath of Life
May 16, 10 12:44 PM
Busy Busy
Apr 23, 10 10:13 PM
Member Participation and Event Attendance
Mar 29, 10 4:21 PM
Monk and Sorc Titles
Mar 28, 10 3:13 AM
Barbarian Titles
Mar 25, 10 11:19 PM
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Welcome to the order of the Black Flame Zealots, purveyors of the Tarnished Flame of Eberron. We are based on Argonessen. This guild is up-and-coming at the moment, but has strong members who know the game well and who play many days of the week. The goal of this guild is to help other guild members to learn the game, party together and get through quests (especially raids once we grow), to trade ingredients for crafting greensteel items, to hand down old items to players online before chucking them to a vendor (or donate them to the Guild Bank to be sold at an affordable price), but most of all, this guild is here for those who are on a couple days of the week and enjoy playing the game. I wish for all members to become friends with one another and never be afraid to ask newbish questions or ask for help on favor/loot runs.

With that said, welcome again to the Black Flame Zealots webpage. I do hope to see your request to join.


New Breath of Life

Glasia Azmodeus, May 16, 10 12:44 PM.
Okay, so I fly to Michigan to get everything ready to bring my girlfriend (Aziera in our guild) down to Arizona. We'll be pretty busy from May 20th to about June 20th, but I'll be stopping in to the guild website a couple times a week to start breathing new life into it. So, do please check the page out as new things will be coming, and old things might be changing a little bit. Also, I'll be setting up another guild event so we can start getting in the swing of it. Thanks all for your patience and understand with my being busy.


Busy Busy

Glasia Azmodeus, Apr 23, 10 10:13 PM.
Hey all, Glas here. Sorry that I've not been updating the site for a little while. It's becoming that really busy time of the semester where everything is due all at once. More updates will be coming as soon as possible. 


Member Participation and Event Attendance

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 29, 10 4:21 PM.
I apologize to those for whom it matters, but I have accidentally reset the member participation points. These points show how many posts and the like you've made. Also on the Roster tab, you'll see that the Attendance percentages are not going to be accurate. For some reason it counts me as having attended 75% of the 1 events we've had because I only told the system I was bringing the toons. To avoid a huge influx of DKP and also to avoid punishing those who have 2 or 4 characters because some have 11 or more as VIPs, these numbers will not show as accurate. DKP will be a better indicator of Event attendance.

Monk and Sorc Titles

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 28, 10 3:13 AM.
The Monk and Sorc titles have been posted. They aren't my best work, so if you propose a change, do so in the Forums please.

Barbarian Titles

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 25, 10 11:19 PM.
Barbarian titles have now been posted. If anyone feels that some of the titles for any class could use some changing, fine-tuning, or revamping, please make your voices heard in the Titles part of the forum (new and temporary until we get all classes sorted out). Also, that would be the place to propose some ideas of your own for the other classes. Currently we have yet to give titles for: Rogue:Trapsmiths, Monks, Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards.

This is your guild too. Let me get your input and opinions.


Votes and Titles

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 25, 10 10:57 PM.
More to vote upon! Yay! :) Also, in order to make sure you receive the proper Title (which requires a minimum lvl of 10 in a class on any toon ... also, not all classes have titles just yet) please be sure to post your toons in your profile and give their levels. All other information is purely optional, but keep in mind that if you post your alignment and race, others may be able to better help you with items they may have lying around for giveaway. 

More Titles coming soon.


First Event Item For Giveaway

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 24, 10 2:20 PM.
So while I don't know what event we will be holding to give this item away, yesterday I found 2 broken portable holes in a single Shroud run, so I have decided that this will be the first prize at one of our events. So, keep up to date on the news and you could possibly win this item. Keep in mind, you may also win some bonus DKP at special events. If anyone has any ideas about (and this is in general, not just for the upcoming) what kind of events you would like us to throw, please post in the new section of the forums.


Vote, Introduce, Information

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 23, 10 12:43 AM.
I want to start this week off with a bang (small one though as I'm pretty busy heh). But make sure to check the Voting tab, as there is something so to vote on already. If you don't know what DKP are, check the Information on the left of the webpage. And lastly, make sure to introduce yourself in the forums.

We are growing!

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 20, 10 10:21 PM.
The guild is now over 30 members strong! Keep up the good work everyone.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Glasia Azmodeus, Mar 20, 10 5:58 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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